Monolog at the WORKSHOP

The old accordions are surely "old" and may not look so "young", same as the human being. But the good old accordions can often be renovated and can serve for another long period, if we treat them well and keep a good maintenance. It is an interesting observation that the frequently used accordions are oft better than the accordions, which were not often used and just kept in the case.
Some of the old accordions are made with the very high skills and the enthusiasm, which are not always available in the recent mass production products, where the cost goes first.
When we touch the accordion produced in the era of our former generation, we even get the feeling that the old famous melodies of that time come out from the instrument. Occasionally, we may remember the good old time, some old movies, good old songs, good old friends....
But when we come to the inside of the accordion, we see that this is a kind of science and history.
It is a fun to repair the accordions and I wish them all the further good time with the good accordion owner.