Welcome to my web site. My name is Hiroshi Kawai. May I introduce my self and my activity.

Born Place: Downtown Tokyo.
Born Year: 1947. One of the "Baby-boomers" after the last war.
Blood Type: B
Horoscope: Twins
Job Record: 1971-1997 worked at one of the largest trading company in Japan for electronics products trading. Since 1998, I am working for own company for trading the products for the sign & display products and printing/pre-press products.
Overseas staying: 1978-1985: West-Germany.

Accordion experience: When I was a child, my mother gave me a mouth-harmonica. I loved that instrument and played many nice melodies, which I liked. So, I liked the sound of the reads. When I experienced the real accordion on several occasions at later date, I became an accordion fun. But, I could not have the chance to learn playing accordion before I got a chance to get a lesson by a retired senior musician from Hamburg in Germany. Since then, I am a hobby accordion player.
Since Fall 2004, I started to trade the accordion and am trying to offer the quality products to the Japanese accordion fans with the repair and maintenance service. I am trying to challenge the tuning, which should however still come.

It would be a great honor to introduce the high quality accordions and the accordions with the value for money to the Japanese accordion fans and to the Japanese market, which should still grow, even the growth is slow.

It will be also a great pleasure to exchange information, thoughts, experience of the instrument, players, musics, world wide, related to accordion. You are very welcomed to join the GUEST BOOK on this web site. It might be a rare chance to communicate with the Japanese accordion fans for you too.

Hiroshi Kawai
(March 12, 2005)